Barbara von Seida

Barbara von Seida

Waikato Society Of Arts Members Exhibition

Hibiscus & Bays Art Awards

Born in Germany, Barbara trained for 5 years in Art and Design (3 years in textiles and 2 years in ceramic/product design) at Fachhochschule (University of Applied Sciences -- design faculty) in Krefeld, Germany. After graduating in the textile medium, Barbara worked as an employee with, amongst others, the international company Vereinigte Seidenwebereien A.G. (United Silk Weaving Company) in Krefeld, and also as a freelance fabric designer.

In 1984, Barbara migrated to south-west Ireland where she established a studio and became widely known for her creative achievements in both ceramics and watercolour painting. In 1990 she moved to New Zealand and established the Kowhai Water Colour Studio in Coromandel, and in 1993 was joined by local artist Patrick Greene. 2004 saw the opening of a fully dedicated gallery in her new cliff top home, overlooking Long Bay. In April 2005 Barbara attended The Julian Ashton Art School, Sydney and studied under the tutelage of David Briggs and Rod Wong.

Barbara´s paintings form part of numerous private and corporate collections, both in New Zealand and overseas, including that of internationally recognised artist and collector, the late Roy Dalgarno.  


On 02 March, the well attended opening of Barbara's first solo exhibition in 6 years, "Expression in Colour" took place at the Mairangi Art Centre (North Shore, Auckland). The guest speaker was the well known Auckland art commentator, Terry (TJ) McNamara, who in his opening address, remarked (in part) as follows:

"In my view the winner of the runner-up prize (to the Supreme Award at the 2015 Hibiscus & Bays Art Awards ) had to be someone who was a highly accomplished painter who could fill this space, as in wonderful measure Barbara has done.

This is a rich, almost overwhelming exhibition of completely convincing paintings. The colour here is magnificent I think, in its drama and the coherence of each work. I admire the technique that produces the flatness of the water going in and the ruggedness of the hills. What you are seeing is the work of a very, very accomplished painter."

LATEST NEWS: (Updated 18 September 2016)

Over the winter Barbara has returned to painting watercolours, and after a long period painting solely acrylics, there have been many failures as she has slowly readjusted to the softness that watercolours demand. The first of the new images (1/7), has now been up-loaded onto the Watercolour Gallery, and others will follow in coming weeks.

From 07-16 October, Barbara will be exhibiting alongside more than 25 other artists from in and around Coromandel Town, at the "The Artists Are In Town" spring exhibition, being held in Hauraki House, Coromandel. This is a fore-runner exhibition to the "Open Studios" event which in 2017, will be held in spring rather than in autumn as in past years. Now that we are werll into spring, remember many artists have been quietly producing new work over the winter months, in readinesss for the 2016/2017 summer season, so now is a good time to attend this exhibition which will showcase art work not seen before.

Remember, many artists galleries/studios remain open year round, but please ring beforehand so as to avoid disappointment. You can also make enquiries at the Coromandel Town I-site -- Ph. 07 8668598 or visit the I-site website



Remember to view Barbara's episode of "Colour in Your Life", by visiting
It has now had almost 17,000 viewings since it was placed on Youtube in mid March.




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